SureOps Deicing and
Deicing Training Programs

The development of high-quality, customized programs and training programs for deicing service providers is an extensive undertaking. In addition to the high costs associated with the program development, the annual review, oversight and amendment of the programs requires significant internal subject matter expertise and knowledge of ongoing industry developments, rendering the overall management of the high-cost programs problematic for the deicing service provider. Furthermore, the adoption of the customized programs by the service provider in no way ensures air carrier approval of the programs, an activity that would need to be performed annually by the service provider with this approach.

For these reasons, the SureOps Deicing Program and Deicing Training Program were developed. The SureOps Programs are of impeccable quality. The Programs have been developed to provide the policies, procedures, guidelines and processes for all aircraft ground deicing operations conducted by Canadian deicing service providers. The SureOps Programs have been established to ensure compliance of service provider deicing operations with Transport Canada and Federal Aviation Administration regulatory requirements, industry standards and best practices, and to provide deicing service providers with the information necessary to conduct duties and responsibilities with a high degree of reliability and safety. The Programs have also been developed to meet and/or exceed the minimum requirements in the air carrier programs.

The SureOps Programs will be amended prior to August 1 of each calendar year to reflect new industry developments, changes to regulations, standards and guidance material, and new air carrier requirements. The Programs would also have special amendments issued during the season in the event of an unforeseen development in the industry that necessitated an immediate change.

SureOps Deicing and Deicing Training Programs are available on a subscription basis. For more information, contact us at