About SureOps

Michael Chaput

Michael is one of the aviation industry’s leading subject matter experts in aircraft deicing and anti-icing fluids, deicing research and development, deicing optimization, operations, quality assurance and technology development, and is a strong advocate for safe, efficient and sustainable airport and air carrier operations on the global scale.

Prior to launching the “Sure” brand and becoming the founding CEO at SureWx in 2011, Michael was a leading consultant for numerous international airports and air carriers, providing cutting-edge professional services related to winter resilience and business optimization. Michael also previously held several senior management and executive positions with aviation and technology firms, and managed a wide range of high-level aviation research and development projects over a 15-year period for Transport Canada and the Federal Aviation Administration. In late 2015, Michael launched SureConsult, which provides a wide range of professional services to the global aviation industry.

Michael currently sits on numerous global aviation industry committees and workgroups, and has authored countless published reports, studies and papers on aviation winter operations. Michael is a pioneer in the area of the aircraft de/anti-icing fluid holdover times and in the measurement and dissemination of electronic holdover times for aviation applications. He has been one of the driving forces behind the development of Holdover Time Determination Systems since 2004.

About the Site

The deicing photo database has been developed to serve as a resource centre for the aircraft ground deicing industry, primarily for training and quality assurance purposes. The site provides aircraft de/anti-icing photos, videos and related materials to enable effective training of air carrier and deicing service provider personnel involved in de/anti-icing operations, with the ultimate objective of assisting to ensure the safe operation of aircraft during ground icing conditions on the global scale.

Users of this site are encouraged to participate in the enhancement of site content for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders by uploading relevant photos and content and by participating in site activities.